Parking in the centre of Hastings couldn’t be easier, just enter the following into your Sat Nav: TN34 1PH to find our car park with over 1000 spaces.

Our car park operates a ticketless system using ANPR technology. Please note your registration number as you will need it to pay before returning to your car. We have pay machines that accept both cash and card.

We have a secure car park with dedicated disabled spaces on level 1 and level 8 – please note the standard tariff applies for blue badge holders and a blue badge must be displayed at all time when parking in a disabled bay.

There are also wide bays for parents with children and babies on most levels with the majority on level 6.

Maximum vehicle height is 2.m / 6ft”.

Located on level 6 of the car park is Inter Car Cleaning who provide hand car wash and valeting services.

Due to health and safety restrictions caused by localised flooding on the 16/01/23 our car park currently has reduced temporary opening hours:



CLOSES (and is locked*) – 7PM

*This will be strictly adhered to, access is not available overnight.

Car park charges are as follows:

Monday – Sunday

UP TO 1 HOUR     £ 1.30
UP TO 2 HOURS  £ 2.50
UP TO 3 HOURS  £ 3.00
UP TO 4 HOURS  £ 4.30
UP TO 5 HOURS  £ 4.80
5 – 12 HOURS       £ 6.50

T&C’s apply.

Customers who require lift access to the lobby near Primark, please park on levels 3,5,7,9,11

16th MARCH 2023 – Questions and Answers.

What’s happening and when?

Our car park will become ticketless from Thursday 16th March and charging will return.

From this date, when you drive up to enter our car park the ANPR camera will read your number plate, record the time of your arrival and the barrier will raise without issuing a ticket. Then, when you are ready to leave, make your way to a Payment Machine and instead of inserting a ticket simply enter your car registration details onto the screen in front of you. The price for your parking session will be shown on the screen ready for you to make payment.

When you drive towards the exit barrier, the ANPR cameras will recognise a payment has been made and the barrier will raise automatically.

Why are we doing this? 

Following the flood in January 2023 our previous equipment received substantial damage beyond repair. We have replaced this equipment with a modern, innovative way of operating, that will provide a convenient and streamlined customer experience, speeding up queues at both the Payment Machines and entry and exit barriers.

Going ticketless will significantly reduce the amount of paper we use each year which is better for the environment, it also removes the issue of lost tickets.

Is the price remaining the same?

Yes, we’re pleased to say that our short stay tariff remains the same and we remain the best value car park in the town.

5+ hours has had a £1 increase, however this is now extended to a maximum of 12 hours, which means it works out cheaper for people wanting to stay a longer period of time, you can stay up to 12 hours for £6.50. If you stay longer than this then additional hours are charged as per the standard tariff. The overnight charge has been removed.

UP TO 1 HOUR     £1.30
UP TO 2 HOURS  £ 2.50
UP TO 3 HOURS  £ 3.00
UP TO 4 HOURS  £ 4.30
UP TO 5 HOURS  £ 4.80
5 – 12 HOURS      £ 6.50

Where can I pay? 

Pay machines are situated in the same areas as before. With the exception of the level 8 machine which has been permanently removed.

How can I pay? 

All 5 machines accept card and contactless payments. Cash payments can be made at 2 of our machines – located in Primark lobby and car park level 6 next to the Amazon Lockers.

Is it still a controlled car park? 

Yes, the car park is still a 24 hour managed car park with security patrols, and staff are able to assist you by pressing the HELP button at any pay machine. Cleaners also patrol the car park during their daily checks.

What happens if the barrier doesn’t raise on exit?

In the unlikely event that this happens, then please press the help button situated at the exit barrier.

Are you going back to 24 hour opening? 

We will be reverting back to 24 hour opening as soon as we can, however unfortunately this is not possible currently. Following flood damage to our safety systems, we are currently only open 7am – 7pm (6pm last entry). The team is working hard to get everything in place to allow us to reopen 24 hours as soon as we can.

I don’t know my registration number from memory? 

You will need to know your registration number to be able to pay before you exit the car park. We recommend taking a picture on your phone or writing it down on paper once you have parked your car, then you can easily access this when you pay at the end of your visit. If you get to a pay machine and forget your registration number then you will need to go back to your car to get this information.

How does ticketless parking affect people registered as contract and tenant subscribers?

Good news – it doesn’t. You will no longer have a plastic pass card, instead the ANPR equipment will read your number plate and allow you in and out of the car park providing you have funds on your account. You will continue to top up your account balance at the pay machines, entering your car reg instead of presenting your plastic card. You will be charged the standard hourly tariff for the first 3 hours, up to your discounted fee as a maximum. Charges are applicable to each separate visit

It is imperative that you inform us if your car registration changes, otherwise the system will not recognise you as a subscriber and you won’t pay your discounted rate. Please call or email us before entering the car park with your new car reg as once you have entered the car park you will be charged a daily rate as standard customer.

01424 718049 or

How does ticketless parking affect The Gym members?

The Gym users will continue to get up to 2 hours free parking as part of their gym membership.

When you drive into the car park the ANPR technology notes your entry time and you have up to 2 hours free from this time – inclusive of returning to your car.

Once you have finished your gym session enter your registration number at the validator inside the gym. You must then exit the car park before the 2 hours is up, or additional standard charges will apply. The barrier will raise automatically provided you have validated your registration correctly and are within the 2 hour limit.

e.g. You drive into the car park at 11.03am, you must have driven out of the car park by 1.03pm latest.

I would like to speak to someone about the changes, who can I contact?

If you experience as issue when using the car park we would always encourage guests to use the Help button, which is on all Payment Machines, so that your enquiry can be answered whilst you are still here at the Centre.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss anything regarding car parking then please feel free to email us  – or call centre management on 01424 718049


Please note town centre staff discount applications are suspended due to reaching capacity. 

Discounted Parking cards for staff members of local Hastings businesses, who regularly park 3 or more days a week, are available by completing the form below. Please note that by completing the form, it does not guarantee you an account. You will be added to a waiting list and someone will be in touch.

    Terms & Conditions of discount parking

    • Discretionary discounted parking for regular parkers eg who work in Hastings town centre (min of 3 days parking per week)

    • Discounted rate £4 per day Monday - Sunday (up to 3 hours charged at standard hourly rates)

    • Charges applicable to each separate visit to the car park (entry and exit)

    • Contract parking is not permitted on level 6 of the car park (we reserve the right to cancel and account where misuse is found)

    • Inactive contract parking accounts will be closed after a period of 12 weeks due to the waiting list. We will contact you prior to withdrawing the card.

    • Unused balances cannot be refunded.

    • Contract parkers will provide a minimum 24hrs weekday notice of any change to the account details or car registration numbers to: is the applicant’s responsibility to inform Centre Management of any changes to vehicle/personal details. Failure to do this may result in exits being declined at the barrier.

    • Payment can be made by cash or debit/credit card using chip & pin or contactless payment at the pay machines. Top up limit is £100.

    • Centre Management are entitled to refuse a car parking account at any time.

    • The use of the car park remains subject to terms and conditions.

    • Where two registrations are listed to one account, only one vehicle can enter the car park at any one time.

    • Usage will be monitored. Misuse of the discount may result in the withdrawal of discounted parking without refund.

    • Vehicles enter and are parked at the vehicle owner’s sole risk.

      I have read the terms & Conditions and agree to abide by them.

      I park a minimum of 3 days a week, each week.

      Data protection
      Priory Meadow takes your privacy seriously. We are the controller of the personal information that you provide to us and this privacy notice sets out how, why, and for how long we use your personal data, as well as who it is shared with.

      Why we need your personal information.
      We need to ask for your personal information to register your details for discount parking. We may use your personal information: to provide you with news & updates about discounted parking / To respond to and investigate your questions, comments, needs, complaints & concerns/ To contact you to remind you of the parking rules & regulations.
      All information provided is confidential.

      Who do we share your personal information with.
      The information provided on your application form is entered into the parking system to enable accounts to be created. . Scheidt & Bachmann (UK) Ltd are the contractors who provide & maintain the car park equipment. Your information will only be used by their site support team if requested to do so by Centre Management staff if problems arise that cannot be rectified.
      Priory Meadow owners, NewRiver Retail, Centre Management & Centre Security have access to the parking system via a secure log-in process.
      Information is not shared with any other organization.

      How will we protect your personal information.
      Your personal information can only be accessed by Centre Management, Centre Security & Scheidt & Bachmann (UK) Ltd support team.
      Your application form will be filed in a locked office and we will only keep your information for as long as you hold a discount parking card.
      Once we are informed that you no longer require the passcard, your information will be removed from our system & the application form destroyed.

      I give permission for my personal data to be retained by the Management Office for purposes stated above.



    • Payment can be made at one of the centre pay machines
    • Please remember your vehicle registration, follow the instructions on-screen to top-up the balance on your account
    • If you need assistance, please press the help intercom button on a payment machine
    • You may check your balance by entering your registration number at a pay station and pressing ‘top-up’

    Entry and Exit:

    • Upon entry at the barrier the camera will read your numberplate and the barrier will automatically lift

    Leaving the car park:

    • Ensure your card has sufficient funds before attempting to leave the car park
    • Drive up to the barrier and the barrier arm will lift and you can exit the park

    For further assistance please press the HELP intercom button on a pay machine or email – please note your name and vehicle reg in all communications. You can also contact the management office (Monday-Friday 9am -5pm) on 01424 718049.



    Centre Opening Hours

    9:00 am – 5:30 pm
    9:00 am – 5:30 pm
    9:00 am – 5:30 pm
    9:00 am – 5:30 pm
    9:00 am – 5:30 pm
    9:00 am – 5:30 pm
    10:00 am – 4:00 pm

    Closed Easter Sunday &
    Christmas Day